Thursday, March 24, 2005


My last night here and it is raining.

I had the afternoon off today, I went shopping and toured this lovely city. Bahnhofstrasse is wonderful, a long collection of stores and very cute shops and cafés along old winding streets just adjacent. Across the river is the old town section, also cute.

Lunch was at this shop that had a small and delicious lunch counter in the front but was a butcher and cheese shop in the back. I didn't understand the conversation, but obviously a street lady popped in... she was either drunk or on medication, clean but very odd. The woman behind the counter was pleasant and knew her, gave her an Easter egg for her bag but then she started talking to the customers. She was a "regular", a local but a bit off. Strange.

It's a thunderstorm now... lightning and thunder just went off. Cool!

The lake and mountains have been shrouded in mist since I arrived, how sad not to see them. Oh well. Maybe the rain will clear the air for tomorrow before I leave.

It was interesting, I was shopping and literally at 5pm all the shops closed up for the Easter holiday weekend. Switzerland closes up for Friday and Monday which are national holidays. Suddenly the streets were empty of people but full of cars getting out of town, and the bars were PACKED with people having an after work drink before heading home for vacation.

I headed back to the hotel, said goodbye to the staff and scurried upstairs. I had a conference call for work and am now just watching tv, ordered room service, will have a bath and go to bed... leave for the airport at 11:30am...

Next stop, HOME! Yay!

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