Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mendoza, Argentina
(my room at the Park Hyatt pictured to the right)

Getting here was such a challenge. Our plane landed in Santiago in fog so thick you couldn't see one foot outside the window. I can't believe we even landed. We did, and then I got stuck in the Santiago Airport Admirals Club for 4 1/2 hours waiting for my delayed flight. They kept changing the gates on us, first 19 then 18 then 17a then 20 then 17. To be fair, the fog was causing problems I am sure, but they were very disorganized.

My air travel this year has been a bit chaotic. Non stop delays. You have to be patient in South America, the infrastructure needs major upgrades. Sadly, it's best in Chile, which tells a lot. Generally I don't have that kind of experience in Santiago - only everywhere else. Like I wrote in an earlier blog, we take such things for granted - that if a flight is delayed or canceled, at least we are kept informed. They didn't even have the gate posted until 5 minutes before boarding. Typical.

Mendoza is charming as always, but I'm seeing none of it other than looking out the window of my meeting room. Work work work. I love the Winter here - sunny and 60 degrees. It's like a beautiful Fall day in Chicago, but instead it is the dead of Winter. Very comfortable and a nice change from 90 degrees and humid in Chicago. This time, the air is so dry my nose is bleeding. Strange.

Well, off to work. I have 15 columns of data in a spreadsheet to update. What a joy.