Thursday, March 03, 2005

LAX - Admirals Club Lounge

Boy is this place swank, very modern, spacious and airy. Nice for a change, there is so much space and it is all split up so it stays quiet. They have leather chairs with headphones so you can listen to some prerecorded music, a theatre-style room to watch CNN, a granite bar and various cozy chairs - all overlooking the runways. Cool.

After watching "The Incredibles" on the flight (great flick, I love that movie), I worked for the remainder of the trip. 4 hours went by like THAT! So glad, my flight leaves in 2 hours so I will chill out, have a drink and make my way to the international terminal. Apparently I have to go through Security again, what a pain. I will be working for a while on the flight to Auckland, then eat and sleep for a bit. I plan on not working on the remainder flight from AKL to SYD, so the goal is to work as much on this leg as I can.

Ok, time for a drink... cheers!

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