Monday, October 22, 2007

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

It has been 12 years since I was last in Puerto Rico; I lived here once for two months installing a computer system at what were two Hyatt hotels. They are now deceased; this time, Andy has taken me to El Conquistador Resort. Definitely we're spoiled; the hotel is OK but definitely a step below a Hyatt in terms of quality. That being said, they "upgraded" us to Las Casitas which are little homes in a quiet area of the resort, with kitchens et al. While not exactly luxurious, it is nice to be in a private area.

The resort does have one awesome feature - you can take a boat to a private island which is straight out of "Gilligans Island." Just some beach chairs under palm trees, a bar and a basic restaurant, with reggae music and not much else.

We also rented a car and went up to El Yunque Rain Forest and hiked a mile down to a waterfall. Awesome, and a quick drive (even though the signs are poor and we got a little lost as the hotel's directions were not right)... As we were walking down the path, a downpour happened and we got drenched. Funny thing was that I was walking and you could here a huge explosion from above. Andy froze and I started to run, and no joke, but 2 seconds behind me a massive dead palm frond fell on the trail behind me. Two seconds later and I totally would have been hit; wouldn't have injured me but definitely would have hurt. It probably was dead for years and needed just the right amount of rain water to collapse onto the trail.

Not much to do the next few days.... just pool and sun...