Thursday, March 03, 2005

Chicago O'Hare Airport

A sunny but cold (30 degrees) day in Chicago....

I'm dreading this flight.

I have a 4 hour flight to Los Angeles, a 3 hour layover, then a 14 1/2 hour flight to Auckland, another 3 hour layover, then a 3 hour flight to Sydney. Spend the day in Sydney, then I have a 5 hour flight to Perth the following day.


There is so much work for me to catch up on, in a way it isn't bad. I plan on organizing the work once I get on the plane into chunks to make sure I get an opportunity to sleep, too. I just hope that there are no delays or I'll go NUTS.

Weather in Sydney is supposed to be 79 degrees but rain on Saturday evening. On Sunday when I arrive in Perth it is supposed to be 84 and partly cloudy. I may just chill out by the pool there, who knows, I need some rest!

The Admirals Club lounge here is impressive, but as a main AA hub I suppose one would expect this. After checking in (!!) you take the elevator to the third floor and there is this massive space, modern, with a full bar and in relatively good condition - even if the decor is a bit stuffy. They also have Wi-Fi which is a nice change because I always have issues logging in at O'Hare. I'm not partaking of the alcohol, however, as I plan on working on the flight.

Ok, signing off for now...

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