Wednesday, May 18, 2005

South Beach, Miami

I have never felt so out of place... so many beautiful people it is really strange, irritating in some ways!

Stayed at the Hotel Victor, a boutique hotel that Hyatt is running. Very South Beach... it is kind of like staying at a nightclub instead of just going to one... very neat, fun, but definitely out there. If I were staying in South Beach, I would definitely stay here... but it is a destination unique unto its own. Check out the photos on the website (pool area is very cool by the way, my favourite part of the hotel).

South Beach is... boring. A beach, great architecture but then all there is to do is eat, drink and watch people. There are a few shops off the main strip and in fact there are two cool shopping areas called Espanola Way and Lincoln Road, but they are far from the strip and not very big. Worst part was that meals are incredibly expensive and they include the gratuity... which would be ok if the service was good, but it generally has sucked, as has the food. In the future, I don't recommend eating at any of the restaurants on Ocean Drive at all. Generally, they suck (although I hear the restaurant at the Hotel Victor is yummy).

My appointment today canceled so I am doing work in my room as it started raining. Sucks. I'm sure it will be sunny by time I leave... oh well...