Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hong Kong

I've been so sick, it got scary.

On Friday, I woke up in Perth with severe symptoms that I asked for a doctor to greet me at the hotel on arrival in Hong Kong. I slept the entire flight and when I got to the hotel, the doctor checked me out and said that I had the flu... but that the over-the-counter meds that I was taking were making things severe. I had some new meds and slept 24 hours with few interruptions. Today, I feel much much better - but have lost 10 lbs and a lot of nutrients. It will take weeks to get back to health, still quite weak.

I am now not leaving until Monday night and don't train a class in Paris until Wednesday, so I plan on just trying to take it easy and not risk anything. I may venture out into Hong Kong a bit today, but not far from the hotel and only maybe some simple shopping.

Incredible view from my room of the harbour, skyskrapers and the mountains behind. The view at night is particularly unforgettable.

The last few days in Perth were great, good training courses and I was privileged to get a chance to see some kanagroos up close (photos to come... amazing) and to go on a river sail the last night. Great town, wonderful people and truly beautiful setting.

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