Monday, March 14, 2005

Hong Kong

Getting better, but still tired.

Today I took the ferry across the harbour to Kowloon and then visited our local offices. I expected the ferry to be like the ferries in the U.S. or the one I just took in Sydney. Uh, no.... it was small and flopped quite significantly in the water (see website for photo). The trip was only 5 minutes long, however, so even in terrible conditions pretty short and manageable. Interesting.

After my meetings, I went shopping. Wow. The shopping... holy smokes. I heard HK was about shopping but I did not realise how blatant it is... just everwhere, especially in Kowloon. I was impressed, very nice and prices were expensive but not SO bad.

Got tired quickly, however, so came back and on the way tried to find a post card.... which was strangely difficult, had to get one in the hotel gift shop. I looked in the Wen Chai area near the hotel, which is all home-fixings (bathroom fixgtures, paint stores, hardware, etc) going south and strip bars going north. Strange.

Took a few pics of what a typical street in Wen Chai looks like on the website.

Back at the hotel and now chilling out before I take off tonight. My flight leaves at 11.45pm, which is a 9.30pm car to the airport. Joy. Next stop... Paris.

Ciao for now!

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