Saturday, March 05, 2005

Auckland International Airport

Arrived at 6:00am Saturday, slept 6 hours on the flight, got some work done and even played some of the inflight video games. Seats were very uncomfortable, however, even in business class, and the amenities didn't include tissues (which ironically I really needed). But the food was good, more than on other flights, and the service was fun - and funny. Overall I feel pretty good, but it is 11:00am yesterday in Chicago so of course I will feel pretty alive. The problem will be Perth... it is still only 3:00am local time when it is 11:00am in Chicago, so I will definitely be having late-in-the-day challenges there.

The guy sitting next to me on the flight reminded me of my friend Nick (you reading, Nick?)... nice guy, I need to email Nick. He is a cargo pilot (Nick is a hotel sales manager) and this guy flies all over the world. Poor guy didn't sleep at all on the flight, he is going to be messed up today!

I love New Zealand so much, I wish I had an extra day here instead of only 3 hours. The airport is under renovation, but the Qantas lounge is very modern and big, reminds me of the Admirals Club lounge in L.A. but smaller. I have always been so disappointed in the Admirals Clubs in South America but they are much nicer so far on this trip... nice, I can get coffee, a snack and do internet/work without much interruption, and it is much more comfortable.

I forgot my hat in Chicago so I bought a hat here at the airport for my stay, in case I need one. I need to figure out what to get Andy and thinking about sending a post card to Sierra, even if I"m only here for 3 hours... nice stores in the airport, but small. Timberland, All Blacks NZ, Duty Free, etc. No McDonalds (thank God!).

Using their computer in their business lounge at Qantas Club to type this because they don't have broadband connection. I will try and figure it out and if not, will have to just work from Sydney.

G'day... next message from the Park Hyatt Sydney!

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