Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cancun, Mexico

The destination looks great!

Only 9 months since Hurricane Wilma hit, there is little sign that a category-5 sat on it for more than 2 days. In fact, it looks better than ever… the beach is replenished and both cleaner and bigger than ever, the streets and hotels manicured with great face lifts. The Hyatt Cancun Caribe Resort looks incredible, a much needed improvement – it feels like a brand new hotel.

It is so hard to be here and work all day, to come back to the room and see the very turquoise blue ocean… with nary an opportunity to visit. Do emails, work out, go have dinner, sleep and get up early to do a day of work all over again, then off to the airport!

Look forward now to the reopening of the hip new Hyatt Regency Cancun…