Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cancun, Mexico

A direct 3-hour 9-minute flight from Chicago, sometimes I wonder if the United States invaded Mexico here. The plane had not a single hispanic passenger (except for one flight attendant) and while waiting in customs line it was all white people. Yet once out of customs, the locals were everywhere looking to take you to your hotel/scuba dive/pyramid tour/adventure excursion/whatever.

Cancun airport is very modern, spacious, air conditioned and relatively nice. It is a shock to the system to exit into the heat - 91 degrees and 90 pct humidity of today. The hotel picked me up in the car and drove me to the hotel, a good 20 minutes along a slip of land and hotel after hotel. Most of the signs are in English, and many of the people walking along the route were Americans. It is like Florida!

The water is very clear and multi-coloured, but much of the beach has eroded due to the near miss of Hurricane Ivan. Work was all day, very tired. Looking forward to getting through the very long next several days... we'll see if I get any sun at all!