Friday, March 25, 2005

Zürich Flüghafen (Zurich International Airport - Swissair Lounge)

Nice lounge, although food is mostly prepackaged and unexciting, I needed a snack so it sufficed. Apparently they have the 'longest consistently staffed airport executive lounge bar in the world' here at Swissair. Talk about searching for something to brag about... WHO CARES?!

A few facts that I forgot to mention about Zürich...

- Watch shops everywhere
- Chocolate shops everywhere
- Exchange rate is basically .75€=1$=1.2 CHF. Saw a cute t-shirt for 39CHF and I did not realise the conversion was so poor, glad I did not buy it.
- I love the parking signs here. For every parking lot they show the number of spaces available, so you know which ones are full or busy before deciding to pull in. Very convenient!

Ok, alles gud. I am outta here...

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