Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Washington, DC

Fourth week of travel in a row.... wow, I'm tired. At least the weather here is great... the hotel runs an apartment building next door, it has been nice to "live like a local" for a change. I went to the supermarket on Monday and bought food for the week; went for a walk in Georgetown on Monday, then nice to be able to walk to the health club and relax a little more instead of living in a hotel for a week. Comfortable.

Next week I'll be in Chicago the whole week.... hooray!

Always forget how nice the city is here. Georgetown is so charming; cobblestone streets and old colonial row buildings with cherry blossom trees shedding their buds. Very pretty.

I also am now totally addicted to American Idol. I was for sure that Ace (the pretty boy) would be kicked off this week, but he actually did alright - the pretty dumb chick, Kellie, is for sure saying sayonara. She totally messed up! A fun thing to follow while I'm traveling... I call Andy after every singer commenting on who was the best.

Home on Friday!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Mexico City

I'm famous! Check out the publication of some brief questions asked of me at my conference here in Mexico...

Next stop, Entertainment Tonight!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mexico City

I'm always surprised how much I like this city; perhaps because I'm staying in the nicest area, Polanco. Parks, caf├ęs, boutiques all over. The architecture is great - old traditional Mexican homes next to modern marvels. Really eclectic, neat, upscale.

The first day here it was so clear you could see the mountains, but not today... very smoggy, which is per the norm. Warm though, nice to be here in April - that is, if I every get outside!

Worked a ton, that is the worst part of work travel. I work until midnight, then get up before 7am and work more. Work work work work work, it is truly exhausting.

Home tomorrow... and Minneapolis next week!