Sunday, March 06, 2005


What a great city!

Flying over Perth, I was struck with how much it resembles Sacramento. It is relatively flat and arid around it, but the city has a few hills, tons of trees and a river flowing through it. The CBD is located on the river, and up and down both sides of the river are jogging and biking trails. The city is made for the good weather, and it shows.

The flight was 5 hours long, but I worked nearly the entire flight. I was picked up and after checking into the hotel, we went to lunch at a nearby microbrewery located on the river. I had crawfish on a salad (HUGE crawfish, I might add) and after lunch we went for a drive through King's Park. The park is very beautiful, long winding roads bordered by immense eucalyptus trees and many lawns where the townspeople were napping or picnicking. Views of the city are amazing too (see my website for the main photo that I took from the park).

I was dropped off at Hay Street where they have an outdoor shopping area (here they call them malls, but they are outdoors with long awnings to keep the sun away - nothing like in the States). The shopping was amazing, lots and lots of stores and people watching. Strangely, there is one building that looks like it belongs in Innsbruck, Austria, complete with ornate clock and half timbered façade. Regardless, very neat area.

It hit 90 degrees today, so hot that I had to come back to the hotel and just chill out. I had a meeting with my co-workers and now am ready to go to bed... it is hard because I do not want to go to bed too early but I am tired, I did not sleep well last night!

Tomorrow after work they are taking us to dinner in town to apparently a swank restaurant; Tuesday morning we have breakfast on the riverside; Thursday night is a twilight sail on the river. They are taking very good care of us. It is appreciated, I hope I am awake enough to enjoy it!

Nite nite...

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