Monday, March 21, 2005


Leaving Paris at 1pm in 70 degree weather was hard, but frankly, I was looking forward to the quiet train ride to Zurich. The fact that a family with a 3 month old was sitting in front of me did not help keep it quiet, but thank God the little one kept quiet most of the way to Lausanne...

France is such a pretty country. All of the rolling hills, small villages with the little church in the town centre. Very serene, I fell asleep during the ride for an hour or so. When we crossed into Switzerland, customs/immigration boarded the train and checked our passports. I wasn't expecting that, and it reminded me of the time many years ago when we were traveling to Berlin from West Germany through East Germany... crossing the border, I remember the border guards with dogs all around the train, and all the scrutiny they gave the passengers as they checked their passports. It felt like an old movie from the 1950s.... this wasn't quite as dramatic, but still reminded me of that situation.

After changing trains (very quickly) in Lausanne, the train crept up the very steep slopes, overlooking Lake Geneva and the alps beyond. The slopes were stepped with vines and tiny houses clinging to the edges as if they were ready to tumble into the lake. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, but I could not take photos as it was a bit misty and the sun made it very hazy.

The Park Hyatt is a 3-minute taxi ride from the Hauptbonhauf. Very modern, it has a sleek glass exterior and the inside is filled with beautiful wood and modern furnishings, with quite a significant collection of art. They have an art guide in the room and I'll have to look through the hotel. It is really gorgeous, but very euro-modern. Fits the city to a T.

Listened to the MSU-Vermont game on the internet last night, my boyz made it to the Sweet 16 - to play Duke next. It certainly doesn't get any easier. That game is on Friday... by the time that I get on the plane home, I'll know if they made it to the next round. Crossing my fingers!

Off to get ready for a busy day...

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