Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sao Paulo
(posting by Andy) - Photo of typical traffic in Sao Paulo.

Hello all.

Well, the rain has finally caught up to us. Gotham city ( Sao Paulo, Brazil ) has been getting a bunch of rain but we did not see it until last night. Although this feels like a good life, it can get lonely in a big hotel. This place is so wonderful (400 rooms). Modern, very swanky, and the services is fantastic.

We really do get taken care of like Paris Hilton around here. Check this out....during my stay at the pool, the cleaning service cleaned our room, cleaned and pressed all of our clothes and folded them...including our undies. We have fresh flowers in every room (3 rooms) in the dozens, and they took all of our dirty clothes and had them washed and pressed without being asked. At first, I felt weird about it because I do not like being taken care of like that, but that is just how they roll around here for us. Having Rhett here is the reason why they are so good to us....but the service outside of that is fantastic. This is one of the most expensive hotels in Sao Paulo so that is what you get for your bucks. $$$$$

The downside, just as in Paris Hilton is that they do everything for you that you really have no responsibilities and you can learn to rely on everyone to take care of all your needs. Sounds great to some of you I am sure, but its not the life for me...

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