Thursday, February 01, 2007

Puerto Iguazu, AR
(posting by Andy)

The mighty Iguassu Falls

Hello Amigos from the jungles of Argentina.

Well we went on our journey today to Iguazu Falls and all we can say is WOW-EE. The mighty Iguazu Falls are the most overwhelmingly in all of South America. There are two ways of visiting the falls, one side from Argentina, and the other from Brazil. Today we did the Argentina side. On both sides of the falls there are National Parks. The journey took all day, about 8 hours which consisted of close views of the individual falls in their forest setting with its wildlife and butterflies (there are over 500 diffferent species). It's so cool...if you're lucky, and most are, you stretch out your arm and one will land on you. The colors are vibrant and so many that just float past us as we journey through the jungles and falls. The water is majestically beautiful and the closer you get to them, the closer to God ( of your choice) you get. We took this journey with a family we met from Florida and from time to time they started to cry it was so overwhelming. Rhett shed a tear too but he would never admit it.....he had something in his eye.....what a big girl. Seriously folks, one of the greatest wonders....we took many photos but even they will not serve it justice. Also among this scenery were Toucans, flocks of parrots and ther birds such as Vultures and many other over our heads. The Vultures were pretty scary and we made sure we drank plenty of water to avoid passing out and getting eaten by the bastards. We also had the pleasure of taking a boat in the water which took us nearly under the falls....totaly got us drenched and so much fun. Rhett really loved the ride and we have a video of us going under them. There are so many animals in the forest but unfortunately we didn't see the ones we really wanted to. It is so hard to describe, but truly overwhelming - huge, WOW experience.

Tomorrow we are off to the Brazilian side offers a superb panoramic view of the whole falls... and a visit to a bird zoo in the national park.

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