Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rio de Janeiro
(posting by Andy)

The beach is packed and can you say speedo and thong anyone? If you know about Rio you can probably imagine what the beaches look like around here. The people are so amazingly tan and the only thing to really do around here, since its so hot (90 degrees and humid) is go to the beach or lay by the pool. When I say hot I mean it folks, men walk around everywhere without shirts, some not so flatering, and women in their bikinis, also some not so flatering but who's hot! The sand castles made by the local artist on the beach look grand and amazing. Theses sandsculptures are enormous and they are spectacular to look was a castle, one was a giant mermaid and so on.... I think they spend all day with teams of people to make them....will find out more tomorrow.

Since we have taken over 600 photos the battery on our camera ran out so we blew half the day today searching for a new one but finally found it at a mall. During this quest we had a chance to see some of the town and also the beach. We have three beaches near our hotel....Leblon, Ipanema (as in the song) and finally Copacabana (also famous). Our hotel is right on the water and our pool is really nice and that is where we will spend some time each day for the next few days prior to touring and sight seeing.

We just heard about the weather in Chicago and I hope you are all bundled up....sorry. We will try to bring some of the hot sun with us when we return in less than two weeks. Our journey is long but the time is going by rather hoo.

Tonight we went to the downtown "Centro" (not safe at all- only with a cab...and right into the club) to check out a samba/bossa-nova club with live music (highly recommended by friends and Wallpaper magazine). Check out the had three floors, the first where you can have dinner and listen to a live band play local samba/bossa-nova music and the other two a bar where you can hear the music from the floors below. The ambiance was a throwup of antiques, garage finds, and wall to wall of yard sale finds. If it sounds wierd, well it was. The tables where little but nice and the place was packed that you needed to wait to get in by the time we left. Right in the middle of the ghetto where from time to time, we spotted the police that guard the streets with machine guns. We are definately not in Kansas any more. I kinda freaked out because I seldom feel unsafe and for some reason, I did not. But, we are safe and sound and back at the hotel ready for another adventure tomorrow.

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