Friday, February 02, 2007

Puerto Iguazu, AR
(posting by Andy)
Photo of Toucan at the Parque de Aves, Foz do Iguazu, Brazil

Well today we went on another journey and to another country- Brazil. Yesterday we viewed the Iguazu Falls from Argentina, today the views were just as spectacular as yesterday but a bit different.... From Argentina, we were basically in the falls and in the water, from Brazil, we could see the falls from afar and they looked so awesome. Although just across the country, the views were just as wonderful. We could see them from afar so we got the panoramic views rather that being in them and on them. The photos we will share will explain more....wait to you see them!

As for the jungle part, the woods were denser and the animals were plentiful. These racoon-like creatures ("coatis") were all over the place, begging for food and looking as cute as can be.....but feeding them was not a good idea, they can and will bite ya if you feed them because of course, they want more. So, we just looked and shot photos of cute. As we journeyed into the forest other creatures like Vultures and butterflies were plentiful. Sounds cheesy but its really cool when they land on you and when you see the vibrant colors they display as they flap their wings.

80% of the falls are on the Argentina side so they adventure was not as long as yesterday's but the weather was damn hot. We think it got to 90 or higher but what saved us was the Brazilian side was under a canopy of forest so the shade saved us from passing out. Some of the tourists took helicopter rides over the falls but we opted not to. Kinda scary and most of all too expensive for us at this point. We still have about two weeks so we need to keep an eye on our spending...wait, did I just say that? Oh, Rhett would be so proud.

After the falls we went to a bird sanctuary and there we visited all types of cool birds and we even had a chance to hold some. Toucans, Macaws, African Grey's, and much much more. These are large parrots that come from these parts and are very expensive to buy at home. The Toucans just fly right up to you and they are just as inquisitive of humans as we are of them... and the colors of their beaks are magnificent...blues and reds and orange and more. Once again, we shot some photos of them and other creatures we have seen along the way.

It's our last night here in the jungle and tomorrow we will go to Brazil- Rio for the next five days. If you didn't know Rio- it's the second largest city in Brazil and its cultural capital. The flip flops are going back in the suitcase and big city here we come. Seriously though, we need to be safe and careful and we will be. We have met many people along the way that got jumped and we need to not where any jewelry and watch our backs....we are pretty good about that and thus far, know one has messed with us. We never keep all of our money on us and we always have some in the front pocket and some in the back so if something should arise, we will show them all we have ( in one pocket only). Tip of the trade.

We have been going so long that we will spend most of the day at the pool prior to our flight to Rio. Believe it or not, we have not layed out for about 7 days, toooo busy doing the sights, but have plenty of sun on our faces and arms. I believe we have an awesome farmers tan....need to touch up the whitey parts tomarrow.

We hope to write soon. If any of these emails are bothering you folks, just let us know so we can take you off the list. For the most part, everyone has enjoyed following along with us on our journey.

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