Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sao Paulo
(posting by Andy) - Photo at the Vogue Carnaval Party 2007

We got back from the Vogue Carnival event about 4 a.m and that was considered early....we are old farts but we tried, we really really tried!

Here goes with a synopsis of what took place....

First I would like to admit, that Mr. Hirko and myself looked rather dashing in our black and white tuxedo suits. I am still refusing to wear my underwear until Britney puts hers on, but for the most part we fit in fine. The tuxedo service the hotel hooked us up with was fantastic, they came to our room, took our measurements and then returned back to our room with full pressed suits and shoes ready to go to the ball. The cost for both rentals was $500.00 ! Holly Crap. Thank goodness that the hotel picked up the tab because when we saw the bill our mouths dropped.

We left the hotel about 11:30 in the hotel car that swooped us away. Once we got to the ballroom, it was like a scene from E or Hollywood ! Stars, Media, Entertainers, Politicians, we were all in the same line. We were right in the middle of it all, there were no VIP lines, since we were all VIP's- and there was Rhett and I with our golden ticket in hand.

It was a sea of men dressed like penguins and some local wealthy women but mostly Brazilian Vogue models (including Gisele Bundchen), wearing the latest Brazilian fashionable outfit parading around waiting to be noticed. These women were gorgeous, so pretty that Rhett and I were in awe even though we didn't know who they were.

It was actually good that we didn't know who the stars were and who was celeb. We were all equally important because we all had the exact same invitation in hand and people just assume that you are important or you wouldn't be there. I think if it was Hollywood, we could have been star struck. Imagine the red carpet kind of feel...with little old Rhett and I in our little old tuxes smack in the middle of it !

The building itself had large gates that entered the ballroom, six giant white pillars that held up the canopy where all of us waited in line for about another hour (even the stars). The guest list held more that 1500 people and all over were models prancing around waiting for the next person to take a photo of them. The main singer (the main attraction) was just in front of us as she was escorted in wearing a feathered mask (carnival) as the media interviewed her and took photos.

Once we passed security and the front door, now 1 a.m., the ballroom consisted of two large rooms, in total about 10-15,000 square feet, decked out in feathers and other Carnival decorations. In one of the rooms, a large stage that continuously had some type of entertainer playing music which had the whole room in a trance of samba and other forms of Brazilian, carnival music. Keep in mind, no VIP rooms so all these models, and other very important people in the fashion industry and so on...they were all around us and the cool thing was that no one had an attitude. They thought we were just as VIP as them so everyone was really cool. Red Bull, Johnny Walker, Stella Artois " Brazilian Beer", and Champagne filled the room as they were sponsors. The buffet tables were overflowing with caviar ( yucky), sweets, finger sandwiches and much, much more. All the bells and whistles were thought of for this event and considering the guest list, I am sure it was just enough.

Rhett had to drag me out about 4 a.m. I was having such a blast meeting people and I must admit, I had one to many Vodka/Redbulls. I am glad that we went home when we did, otherwise I would have been praying to the toilet if I had one more..Everyone was wasted, the bar was continuously filling our glasses hour after hour non-stop. I came to find out that this was the biggest carnival event in Sao Paulo and Vogues 5Th year holding it in their city. Fun. Fun. Fun.

The music had the whole place in a trance and it looks like everyone was having a great time, some people too much fun. Waisted.

So today we just hung out by the pool then for lunch, had a traditional Brazilian lunch (happens every Saturday) consisting of Pork, Rice, and Beans. This is what most locals eat on Saturday but not the ideal food for hangovers. Can you say FART?

After lunch we went to another art and antique fair which after 2 hours, we just were so beat that we are now back in our room and ready to crash on the sofa and chill in for the night.

That is it for now..... Sorry so long winded email but I can to emphasize the party since it was so impressive. The photos week too were not as impressive since the room was so smokey that the photos we took inside suck...we do have some to share. Everyone smokes here and boy oh boy do they like to drinky drink too.

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