Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vina Del Mar, Chile.
(posting by Andy)
The last couple of days have been spectacular. When we first arived in Vina del Mar we didn't think much of it since it was late afternoon, but the next days the scenery was something we can only say- wait until you see our photos....amazing! We spent most of our time walking up and down the streets of Valparaiso and the weather was fantastic. It reminds Andy of Parlermo, Italy with all of the people living up high in the mountains. We also celebrated our 3rd aniversary by having a wonderful dinner at the casino and then....yes, we won $962,000 pesos...if you can not figure it out, we will share with you when we see you...and yes, we got a wonderful aniversary gift from Chile!

The hills of Valpariaso, Chile. Notice the funicular on the right - there are too many to count in the city going up and down the hills!

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