Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mendoza, Argentina
(posting by Andy)

We are now in Mendoza,Argentina in the wine country. Our room would make Oprah proud. We are living good as most of you would have figured. Sometimes when I look around the room which is bigger than most apartments here I can not help but feel guilty, yes I have photos too. Today we are going on a bike ride through the vinyards and going to enjoy some of the famous wine that Mendoza is known for and later, a thai massage.

Rhett cutting down Malbec grapes in the vineyard of Familio Zuccardi, Mendoza

We have only been gone about a week and knowing that we have another 3 weeks blows my mind because of all that we have done thus far. They say that after Mendoza the rest of the trip gets a bit dangerous.....we are always careful when we walk around. Once we get to Brazil we are limited on what we can do and must always be accompanied by a taxi or can only stay in the Hotel. We totaly look like Americans...there is not way around it. Everytime someone talks to us, they assume we are without even talking to us.

About anyone? The bar here holds over 2500 types of wines...they are serious about the stuff and the prices vary. Also, they are big on art and much that you become numb to it. Tomorrow we are going rafting and then going to fly through the air by haning on to a rope as it carries you from one side of a hill to another....they say it's awsome and the view will blow us away.

That is it for now...we will keep you posted as we go along.

Caio (this is their bye too)

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