Friday, January 26, 2007

(posting by Andy)
Picture to the right is the drive up to the Andes

Holy Cow is all I can say.

Imagine this......rafting through the Andes mountains (so high that it's hot as hell where you are standing but you can clearly see the snow top mountains) and cruzing at levels 3 and 4. For those of you who have not rafted....very fast and high energy throughout the ride....very cool. It took about 1 hour to get there by bus, we road tripped with about 10 people from all around the world and most could speak some form of English.

Unfortunately, Rhett did not go on the ride because he became ill. We still do not know what he caught but the bug went to his stomach. He was suited up, ready to go, and then rushed to the local hospital for some stomach medicine. do not worry please, he is doing better and I am so glad that he stop ed himself from going would have been the terrible if he actually got on the ride because it was very rapid and he would have craped his paints. Literally. I think it was the local water that he must have drank? We still do not know but things like this are common when traveling far.....

Last night we met a friend that some of you named Dave already know. A very nice guy who owns his own wine vineyard and invited us to his property today for horse riding and a BBQ but we had to decline. We need rest at the pool (especially Rhett with his tummy), since we have been going non stop for two days and we have only completed one week out of four. Today we are going to check out the city and hang out locally near our wonderful hotel. That is it for now, tons of kick butt photos to share.

Some of you were curious on how much we won at the casino ( one million pesos!) Well we are not rich, and will not tell you until we see you. Mr. Scott Hirko (Rhett's brother) won the booby prize and guessed correctly!

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