Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buenos Aires
(posting by Andy)

Today was a bit somber but a trip well done. We visited the grave site of Eva Peron otherwise known as Evita. The name of the cemetery is called Recoleta and she placed with her husband Juan Peron in a black marble mausoleum that had simple details but very tasteful. For those of you who do not know who she was, and have never seen the movie staring "Madonna", she was the wife of Juan Peron ( President) who worked hard for the people, especially the poor. There were many people waiting to see her from all over the world and flowers upon flowers are placed on her site daily....very beautiful. She made a big impact to the people here...and she probably still does today.

At first the cemetery although beautiful, seemed a bit eerie because of all the big stone mausoleums. Hardly anyone is buried in the ground here...mostly in mausoleums or in stone walls. The people buried in them don't skip on the details of there last resting place...we have photos. Some of the mausoleums had photos of the dead on them, strangely most were made with glass where you can actually see the coffins that have been in them for 10, 50, and 100 years or more. Some had been buried there longer than America is old. We peeked in some of these Moslem's and the look of the wood coffin showed their age....some of the coffins had been exposed to the sun and air so long that vegetation is growing out from them. I suppose like in the case of my experience with Italy and their cemeteries, for those who did not have the money to be buried in one of these enormously detailed mausoleums, they are placed in stone walls with little photos of themselves or saints on them as well as there name. Not as scary as you would think...just the way things are done here. It's actually interesting.

We are now waiting for a doctor to visit Rhett in our hotel, unfortunately he is still not up to par and we need to get more details on his stomach situation...I/we will keep you posted on the doctors evaluation. Do not worry, he is fine, but from time to time, his tummy really hurts and we just need the details prior to our departure to Brazil. His work friend who lives here will make sure the doctor understands the problems Rhett is having and make sure we understand the medication we need to take...it's always nice to have a trust able translator when so far away from home.

More to come, we have you all in our hearts and that is why we share our travels with you.

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