Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Zambia - Day Two

(posted by Andy)

Hello. Early today, we were picked up by our friendly cab driver who we have decided to hire anytime we need a ride. We trust him and he is very nice guy. He is a young kid with a wife and two kids; here many of the men can marry more than one wife if they wish but he can only deal (financially) with one he tells me. Here and in most of Africa we are told that women are not respected very much by the men and always get talked down to or cheated all you women out there, be happy you're not barefoot and pregnant and living in Africa!

Our journey today was to Victoria Falls. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, it is one of the largest and greatest waterfalls. In fact, it sends the largest volume of water of any of the world's waterfalls. Quite magnificant but with all the mist protruding out of its depths it was very difficult to see and anyone who is near it gets drenched as we did. It seems like it is raining when you are next to it and luckily we had a water bag to hide our camera and a raincoat to stay dry. Not bad for two bimbos!

We only visited the Zambia side and could not visit the Zimbabwe side due to all the problems we mentioned earlier in our past email. We are now on our way back to the lodge to hang out and chill for the rest of our day.

Last night, was very laid back since there was not much to do around the camp. We basically played rummy under our netted canopy bed.....much needed due to all the critters that buzz around here. In the middle of the night, I (Rhett slept), heard monkeys fighting in the trees above and hippos bellowing as they grazed nearby.

Very hot today and dry but better than humid anyday.

Talk to you all soon, our trip is almost at it's end....