Monday, April 07, 2008

Harrods, tubes and aliens oh my!

(posting by Andy)
Today we were greeted with snow, something that rarely happens here they say...most of you had much better weather than we but at least we are seeing London.  Here for those of you who don't know, most everyone rides the Tube, an equivalent to the train or El.  I have been all over taking the Tube...we bought an all day pass and have used it well.  It started with a trip to Nightsbridge, where we shoped and toured Harrods, a famous shopping store that is very fancy and has everything from diamonds to an oyster bar for a light snack. The candy section looked like something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocalate Factory very cool and very colorful..along with an ice cream shop that is majestic and eye candy for children I am sure!  Anyway, it was very cool. 
People around here are everywhere, most people always go out and unlike Americans, the b
Brits love to hang outside no matter what the weather is like.  After our shopping experience started where the rich shopped, we then took the Tube to another area called Camden Town where the scenery completely changed!  Home to the punkrockers and hippies with plenty people watching to do!  We hooked up with our friends and had lunch and did more shopping...this time the sellables were pipes, tshirts, and a bunch of cool vintage wherables.  The place is called Camden Market where we saw a young gils shooting a music video, punkers walking around shopping for pink hairspay and shinny pants with tall ass shoes, people who look like Billy Idol.     There is even a store called CyberDog that is best explained as... a store for aliens?!   We could by an outfit to make Battlestar Galactica proud!   That is about it for now, talk to you  soon.

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