Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jo'burg Day 2

Entertainers at the African Craft Market

(posting by Andy)

Hello again!   We are still in Johannesburg and it was a very nice day here today.  Our hotel is in a very safe area and we were pleased to find that today, Sunday, the biggest art & craft fair in the city was happening just a few blocks away.  We visted the "African Craft Market" which takes over literally an entire parking lot of a major mall - intense - and we were surprised to see so many vendors selling their goods...we walked around for about 5 1/2 hours where we visited little shops selling masks, paintings (we purchased one from an artist we met), and other little trinkets that we purchased during our days walk.  We also had lunch at the market (Indian food) and it was quite good and so far, neither of us have crapped our pants after eating food from the street....more good news for us!   Generally we stray away from food from street vendors, but being in a safe and nice area we decided to take the chance.   The girl that sold to me my tropical drink promised me she was using "safe" ice - meaning potable water, ready to drink.   
We were also entertained along the way by local African dancers, jugglers, and animal trainers that brought exotic birds (including a huge eagle if you can believe it), lizards, and snakes - snakes from America if you can believe it!  The kids were entertained as was I while Rhett was a bit bored so he continued shopping.
Again, the area we are in is VERY safe, almost boring, but exactly what we need right now after our experience in Mozambique.  Early tomorrow morning will be leaving South Africa again and will visit another country called Zambia.  Back into the wild bush and again surrounded by wildlife.  I hope we can continue to communicate with you but we will be in the middle of a less developed area and we do not know if the internet can be found for us. 
Zambia is located next to Zimbabwe where, if you have not watched recent world news (shame on you), is at the brink of civil war.   Please watch CNN for the next few days.   We will be located only six miles from the border of the country from which they are broadcasting.  Don't worry, Rhett tells me that Zambia is a very safe and stable country.  Please watch the news and look for us as we wave to the cameras in the background.  Just kidding.
Well, that is it for now, wish us a safe journey to yet another country.  We are about to walk around again and look for a place to eat so we can make it a early night and ready for a new flight.
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