Saturday, April 05, 2008


(post by Andy)

Hello from London! Paris and Nticole and doing well. Our flight went smoth and after 7 hours in flight we have landed. Our room, as most of you can imagine, is spectacular! Today we walked down Oxford Street, with double decker red buses, dark red phone booths, traditional black cat London taxis that are all in the shape of PT Cruisers. (fun) Later we hooked up with our fabulous friends Peter (who is insane) and Danielle (who is insane for marring him) and joned them for a late lunch at a Pub to celebrate their frinds (Byron) birthday. We arrived just as the family style meal was served, pot roast, roasted vegetables and beef - and beer, of course, lots of beer! Now we are off to two big clubs to disco the night away...yeah right we probably will pass out by midnight, but we are sure going to try! For now, I am typing you from Danielle's totally cool loft....very nice, and getting ready to go to Convent Garden to the Detroit bar and then later to Heaven...big night club that never stops bumpin until God knows when....oh my.

Cheers for now! Paris and Nicole ( Rhett & Andy)