Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Working my butt off here, tonight I had three conference calls 8pm,9pm and midnight, but I just had one added at 10:30pm. Plus I started the day with an 8am conference call then training all day... very tired.

Singapore is hot, very clean and a busy, fast city. Lots of shopping! The hotel is wonderful, very modern and great service - food is good, too. English is the main language, very interesting to be in Asia but to hear English spoken so well - much better than in Hong Kong. The city is quite a melting pot too, I walked around for one day and saw not only all kinds of ethnicities but also saw a Hindu shrine next to an Islamic Temple and a Baptist church... very interesting, only in the U.S. have I seen that.

Thinking about going to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night for one night but we'll see how it goes, if I am too tired I may just stay in Singapore. It is a 4-5 hour ride in a luxury coach and much cheaper than flying...

Ciao for now...

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