Saturday, April 16, 2005

Changi International Airport - Singapore

Waiting for my flight (delayed) to Kuala Lumpur. Great airport... very clean, lots of plants, tons of shopping and different types - not just duty free (snooze) but also a very nice Singapore souvenir shop, tons of ethnic eateries... and free copies of the Financial Times and free internet. Nice perks while watiting.

Tired, looking forward to getting to the hotel... flight is less than an hour long. I was going to go to the pool, but a torrential rain storm started so I worked out instead. I feel like I live here - rarely do I get to be at one place for so long, it is rather nice. I'm pretty familiar with the streets and the metro now, although Singapore isn't that big so it isn't hard to get to that point, I suppose.

Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 95 degrees in Kuala Lumpur. Ouch, that will be hot!

Today I did some shopping and got not only some souvenirs but I splurged and bought an iShuffle. I don't need an iPod as I won't listen to it much, but I wanted this for just quick trips to help kill time, plus it is easier to carry when traveling instead of Cds.

Time to board the flight... next stop, Kuala Lumpur!

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