Saturday, April 16, 2005


Finally a day off!

Last night, Nora took me to the Novena area of Singapore, which is more residential, to a kind of fast food restaurant - but it was an Indian vegetarian place. It was called Komala's. Like at McDonald's they have individual selections or a value meal, which included your main dish, a drink (coffee, tea or hot milk) plus a side dish of curry mashed potatoes and either chick peas or beans. As I look at my receipt, I chose value meal B2 with a main dish of Orawa Masal with coffee. It was good! I thought that would be a great idea State side if more people liked Indian food...

We took the doubledecker bus back to the hotel and as we sat down, I noticed that there was a television in the bus! You can watch tv as you make your way to your destination... interesting idea.

Singapore is just a hopping, shopping place. I'd but the bustling meter right up there with New York and London - night and day, people are EVERYWHERE. Intense.

Today I plan on doing the Singaporean thing - shopping - then to hang by the pool and take a nap. I decided to buy a quick plane flight to Kuala Lumpur (locals call it K.L. for short) and will stay at the new Le Meridien there tonight, then spend the day there tomorrow before coming home. Very easy, can take the train to/from the airport at both places, and the flight is only an hour long including the taxiing and everything - just too easy. Why not?!

Ok, I am off to start my day...

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