Saturday, April 23, 2005


Too much time by the pool... I'm sunburned! Oh well, not bad but not good either.

Today was interesting, lots of people on the streets. I saw

  • "Actors" parading down the street in Egyptian wear doing an advertisement for a special on the Discovery Channel
  • A fashion show for Levi's literally in the middle of a crowd, they were having to move around people to do their stuff.... as if people would really have their hair done up in the way these people did!
  • A Japanese television show in the middle of a crowd on the corner of a street. They kept pointing to Tashimaya, the big Japanese department store.

Funny. When I went into Tashimaya, their food court was just disgusting, the most unappetising food I have ever seen. I finally chose these "tomato" noodles... turned out they used KETCHUP, not tomato sauce... I threw it away, it was so gross.

I DID eat in a very cool place. There is a mall called Paragon and in it a store called BloodBrothers (which incidentally has great clothes). Behind it is a little café called "Blood Brothers Café" and it is veggie and very cool, literally a place in the back of a clothing store. Totally would go back, maybe tomorrow!

So I hung by the pool and walked around and did a little shopping. Tomorrow I will do more window shopping, work out and actually do some work (unfortunately)....

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