Tuesday, May 04, 2004

São Paulo

Worked all day today. A productive day at work. The hotel is so beautiful at night, just spectacularly lit up.

Last night, hired the hotel car to the Morumbi shopping centre. It was like any mall, with two main department stores (equivalent of a Mervyns and a Lord & Taylor). I wanted to find a digital camera connection to my computer, and went into a camera shop. No HP products (in fact, none anywhere to be found - I don't think they distribute here), and a fellow shopper who spoke Portugese helped me translate. I know a little Spanish, but I can't even use that. The language is so completely different. It is frustrating, I feel at a total loss. I should have gotten a portable dictionary. Shoot - I just realized I left my portable Spanish dictionary at home. Oh well, the same trouble in Argentina. How frustrating! No camera cable, no Portugese, no Spanish.

I had the local soft drink, I can't remember what it is called, but it is made from Guarana. This is a Brazilian berry from the Amazon - very popular. Tasty, similar to Ginger Ale but much sweeter. I will definitely have it again!

Enough for tonight. Time for bed.

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