Monday, May 03, 2004

São Paulo

Olà my friends!

Another hot day in Brazil, it is 72 F right now, high today in the mid 80s. Meanwhile, it is only supposed to be 50 in Chicago. HA HA. Not a cloud in the sky, either.

Met with my colleagues for breakfast. After doing a bit of work in the office, I am now off to tour the Grand Hyatt São Paulo officially, then to see the competition. Some work to do in the afternoon, then I hope to have maybe an hour by the pool and then to go visit the nearby mall to do some shopping - I want to buy some Havaianas and that camera attachment.

The soap here in the hotel is amazing. It is called Granado and I was given three scents: Coco, Pitanga and Guarana. It is made from the Amazon rain forest:

Off I go to the Brazilian sun...

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