Saturday, May 08, 2004

Dunkin' Donuts at Santiago International Airport

Arrived here and I've got a 4 hour layover. I slept for about half the flight; it was spectacular flying over the Andes, I took a couple digital pics from the plane that I will try and post. What a view.

As we neared Santiago, however, there was no view. The pollution is so thick you can cut it with a knife - and this is on a Saturday! The weather is great here, however, and I only wish that I could get outside - like the outdoor cocktail lounge at Palm Springs Airport.

I went here and realized as I ordered that I had no money - I ordered a sandwich (jamon y queso) and a café latté and it cost me C$2,900. That's US$4.60, ridiculous. I put it on my corporate Diner's Club. How funny will that look! My phone works here now, and I kind of expected it would. As difficult as some of the economies are in South America, Chile has remained the strongest. That the airport is nice and has free (2 hour "trial") WiFi is a plus! There is a range of shops located in the concourse here, and they are all actually rather nice. Frankly, it is the nicest airport I've seen in South America and Mexico. You'd put it right up there with the nice airports in the States or Europe.

I have some leftover Brazilian Reias (R$56=US$18). I hope I can use it again, I won't even bother to exchange it because it isn't worth the fee.

Every day I am checking to see how the LATEST dipshit scandal is affecting the President's popularity. Will Americans finally realize the danger in his blind convictions, and how nuts his foaming-at-the-mouth Secretary of Defense is? In Brazil everyone asked me what I thought, saying "your President is crazy!" Of course, they added theirs wasn't much better either...

Next stop... Argentina!

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