Thursday, May 13, 2004

Santiago International Airport - 7.30pm

I've just arrived in Santiago after a week in Argentina. It is such a beautiful country, but I'm also tired and ready to head home.

Two nights ago, I went to a leather shop to see if there was something I liked. A taxi took me there because it was far - about a 10 minute ride. After browsing for 20 minutes (they only sold jackets, what is up with that?!) they closed the store behind me as I walked down the street to call the hotel. OOPS! My cell phone can't call locally. I called Andy and had him keep me company (in Chicago) while I walked around the poorly lit city streets of Mendoza at night to find my way back home. No taxis were available. It was a bit unnerving, but as I collected my thoughts and remembered my city tour on day one and generally the direction from which the taxi dropped me off, I found my way back. 2 hours later! It was nice to walk around the town, however. Bustling with many college age kids.

Strange sight: I walked past a Shell gas station, and between the pumps and the mini-mart area was a SEATING AREA with umbrellas and seats. So you can have a coffee while you watch people pumping gas. It was packed with people. Bizarre - in any culture.

Last night the General Manager, Director of Sales and Reservations Manager took me to a restaurant near the hotel that was like a goods store. It had spices in glass boxes on the wall, a deli and a very nice wine room. And tables all over, so we ate inside this goods store. It was very nice, although the food was somewhat average.

I also tried this dessert called Dolce de Leche. It was delicious... they gave me a jar of it for my trip home!

Today I had a chance to take some photos as it was not raining. I will miss Argentina.

Tomorrow I will be home and glad to be. I am very tired, I have been traveling for two weeks living out of a suitcase. I look forward to relaxing over the weekend - and seeing Andy!

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