Saturday, December 09, 2006


Why I like Santiago:

1. Mountains, Mountains, Mountains all around! Even in the height of summer they are snow capped.
2. Climate. Sunny and dry, like central California.
3. Green and Clean. The streets are clean, that is; not the air.
4. Modern infrastructure. Great highways, clean subway, nice shops and lots of modern skyscrapers. Reminds me of Vancouver in some ways.
5. Grand Hyatt. The hotel is chic and the grounds make it feel like a resort. And the restaurants.... oh my, are they good!

Shopping today at the mall, it was a strange experience to hear "White Christmas" when it is 82 and sunny out. The mall itself is as good as any one in the USA. In fact, it feels like the USA when you walk by Ruby Tuesday next to Ralph Lauren next to Wrangler next to Timberland. But I had last minute Christmas shopping to do, so it worked.

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