Friday, December 01, 2006

Acapulco (view from my window this morning)

Snow and Sun, with a little Soccer thrown in.

Yesterday after a long day of work, I checked the weather and discovered that the biggest snow storm to hit Chicago was to be right now; so I changed my flight to leave later and enjoy a bit of sun in Acapulco and miss the storm. Good choice - the top news story on CNN International is the massive storm dropping snow from Texas to Michigan. Apparently nearly a foot of snow! And here in Acapulco, a gorgeous day of sun and sky, maybe 80 Fahrenheit today.

Last night, Daniel the GM took me to a fun bar called "Mango's" where we watched Guadalajara vs. América in a Soccer game. It was fun, with loud fans and music, but my table was pro-América which proceeded to play a shitty game and lose 0-2. Outside, all the less fortunate locals were watching the game - and our partying - through the windows of the shop. 4 Pacifco's later, the game ends and we got home by 11.30pm...

Off to the airport this afternoon, home - to snow - by 10pm! Perhaps I need an hour in the sun before I leave...

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