Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mendoza, Argentina

Working on the front patio of the Park Hyatt Mendoza, overlooking the plaza

So last night I was in my hotel in Santiago and flipping channels on the TV trying to wind down from shopping hell at the mall. I turned to a movie that appeared to have the Golden Gate Bridge on, but then it panned out and they were obviously not in SF. I continued watching and got wrapped up in the *sense* of time and place - it was very mid-60's with girls in mini skirts and go go boots, men in shorter than short shorts, Cadillac convertibles, modern furniture and great mod music. The plot was not important - obviously a couple on their honeymoon taking the brides father with, and he is a dirty old man who goes after the hot blondes. A comedy.

I finally figured out by looking at a doorknob sign in a hotel room that was in portugese that the movie took place in Portugal or Brazil.

It wa dubbed from Portuguese into Spanish. So I didn't understand a word of it!

Sitting at El Patio at the Park Hyatt Mendoza now having lunch after a swim. Nice, partly cloudy and 82 today. Too bad it's all work from here on...

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