Sunday, March 02, 2008

Buenos Aires

Three days in Buenos Aires... what to do?

Well, I had to work so it hasn't been quite as easy as vacation. I found the first day to be tough due to the time change (4 hrs ahead of Chicago) and my flight was delayed by 12 hours. AA was just a nightmare to deal with and their customer service was rude. But at least I slept in my own bed before I left.

We had major rain on Thursday - check out the article in the Buenos Aires Herald:

but in Recoleta it was just wet with no flooding.

Saturday I woke up late, went shopping and then roamed around the city. Strangely I tried to exchange cash (Dollars to Pesos) -> just a little bit. But the hotel wouldn't cash it and they directed me to a place that then required my passport to exchange US$50 to A$. Sorry, but I don't carry my passport with me. I gave up and went to the Citibank on the corner. It's my bank but Citi has pretty hefty exchange fees that show up on my monthly statement. While safer than carrying cash it is more expensive. I tried to be smart and take cash this time but now I can't cash it without my passport!! Strange.

Today I am flying Aerolineas Argentinas which is a truly terrible airline. I am going to do a web checkin to hopefully speed the process at the airport. I just hope it isn't too delayed. Off to Mendoza where the weather should be much better, dry and hot like California. Today I'll just relax on the plaza and prepare for tomorrow's meetings.

Mi espanol is muy mejor que mi visito pasado. Quando hablo con la ama de casa es en espanol en total!

The Aerolineas Argentinas line at Ezeiza Airport last year. This was during the terrible weather and then subsequent flight. This year weather is better and no strike... please Lord don't let me be on this!

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