Monday, June 11, 2007

Chaos at Ezeiza Aeropuerto, Buenos Aires

Well, funny thing about traveling to the developing world. You always have to expect challenges in everyday life. Things that we take for granted in the USA are really not like that in most of the world.

For instance, try explaining that you want a regular coffee with milk. I'm talking Maxwell House here. More often than not, it is the size of those tiny airplane liquor bottles. One sip and you are done. Or, try going for walk without having anyone look at you... Americans can never blend in. I try but my blond hair and bad Spanish get me every time.

So I get to the airport thinking wow, I am tired after working all day and my flight gets in at 10.40PM. There have been talks on my flight from Dallas about how my 3 hour delay is due to the circa 1950 radar system here... And what do I get tonight? Another 3 hour delay due to radar. Now my flight is due to arrive at 1.30 am with an hour drive to hotel. Check out the photo.

Thank God there is a bar!

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