Monday, October 16, 2006


What a strange experience - it is SO WINDY right now, my door keeps squealing from the wind beneath the cracks. I've had to put my heavy marble table against it to keep it from making that whistling noise which is going to drive me nuts. Between the disco next door and the squealing wind, I've had no more than 5 hours sleep a night since last Wednesday. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow is my last day here for the presentation, then I am traveling home.... with my sunburn. It is a doozy, I am so mad. All I wanted to do is sit by the pool for an hour and now I got a bad sunburn... even with suntan lotion. Crazy! It hurts but it should be better by the time I'm on the flight on Wednesday...

I love hanging out with all my colleagues in South America and Mexico... they are so funny and fun! It truly is my favourite region of the world, I feel so lucky to be working with these hotels... I will be back in Mexico in mid-November, then off to South America in December, January and likely April. Lots of trips down south!

I hear my pillow beckoning. For once, the disco isn't blaring and I have stopped the door squealing. A night of sleep?!?!!!!!

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