Friday, September 17, 2010

Stranded In Downtown Battle Creek

Amtrak does it again! 1 hour delay due to freight traffic and rail work.
Then the train abruptly stopped outside of Kalamazoo due to a "near miss" -
a trespasser was nearly hit by the train. Legally an inspection required
before continuing.

5 hours later we get to.... Kalamazoo! Then finally a quick jaunt to
Battle Creek only to be delayed 500 yards from the station for another 10
minutes as we were not given permission to stop.
Of course my transfer bus to East Lansing long departed and the next bus
is... in 3 and a half hours! Needless to say the 20 or so kids going to
East Lansing with me are royally pissed for missing the partying that
awaits them.

Me.... I got a refund for the bus portion, took a walk to downtown and
plopped my ass on a barstool at the Arcadia Brewing Company. I'll put my
refund into lunch and a beer as I wait for my bro to pick me up.

If only the Spartan kids down the street at the station knew they were so
close to beer....