Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ancient Delos... Immense and spectacular!

Very hot under the blinding sun. Takes a half hour by ferry and is the
isle adjacent to Mykonos.

Spectacular, it is an entire city. Many parts sufficiently intact that
you can close your eyes and imagine the ancient Greeks going to the
theatre, watch sport or even shop and live their lives.

At the very end off the beaten path I found a piece of marble etched with
Roman carvings... fascinating as it shows how the site evolved.

The site is completely overrun by weeds and you can walk anywhere, even on
top of the sides of buildings.

My favorite part was seeing the side wall of the stadium and the shops next
to the wall, you could see how people sold food and souvenirs back then.
I also loved walking to the top of the theatre and looking down, you can
totally imagine it filled with people watching plays...

Now on boat ride back to lovely Mykonos town where I will meet with Andrew
and have lunch!