Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thoughts on Dubai so far

What I like:
- great infrastructure
- modern conveniences
- very multi cultural
- watching men in their white robes and women in burkhas amongst westerner
style dress
- dates and nuts and kabobs oh my!
- the clear sky at night set across the creek and the Arabian style Park
Hyatt, right out of the movies
- Modern architecture, especially the Burj Khalifa
- sunshine makes me smile and gives me a quick tan

What I don't like:
- other than the Park Hyatt there is very little traditional Arab buildings
- lots of strip malls and mega malls with endless stores like in the US
- you have to drive everywhere, no urban cultural center
- not a lot of Islamic culture so far
- lamb, so mainstream here it is overwhelming
- sunshine is so so damn hot

Look forward to getting out later today to a bazaar and hang amongst the