Monday, June 28, 2004


Longest flight in history. Check this out:

Sat 14.00 hrs - arrive O'Hare Airport
Sat 14.10 hrs - check in and get to gate G23
Sat 15.00 hrs - gate change across airport to gate H18
Sat 16.00 hrs - flight delayed 1 1/2 hrs from 16.30 departure to 17.45 due to "weather"
Sat 18.00 hrs - flight departs for Dallas
Sat 20.15 hrs - flight arrives; flight to Santiago delayed until 22.10 departure
Sat 21.30 hrs - board plane
Sat 22.30 hrs - plane has malfunctioning fuel gauge
Sat 23.45 hrs - plane departs 1 1/2 hrs late
Sun 09.00 hrs - arrive in Santiago area, but smog; told we would circle for 45 mins
Sun 10.15 hrs - running out of gas, diverted to Mendoza, Argentina
Sun 11.30 hrs - land in Mendoza; refueling and checking weather in Santiago
Sun 11.45 hrs - told weather would not clear for 1 1/2 hrs; required to wait on plane
Sun 13.00 hrs - weather worsened; must stay in Argentina; airline talking to immigration
Sun 13.15 hrs - called Park Hyatt Mendoza, made reservation
Sun 14.00 hrs - still waiting for bus to terminal
Sun 14.30 hrs - in terminal, waiting to clear immigration; must return at 06.30 next day
Sun 15.00 hrs - arrive at Park Hyatt Mendoza
Mon 05.30 hrs - wake up
Mon 06.35 hrs - arrive at Mendoza Airport
Mon 07.35 hrs - flight crew arrives (!)
Mon 08.40 hrs - board plane
Mon 09.45 hrs - departure delayed due to unknown immigration problem on board
Mon 10.00 hrs - depart Mendoza
Mon 11.15 hrs - arrive Santiago
Mon 11.55 hrs - arrive Hyatt Regency Santiago

You count the hours. Long ass travel.

Good news: Mendoza as beautiful and wonderful as ever. Park Hyatt very accommodating. Santiago is warm, clear weather, city is very modern - similar to Vancouver but with 20,000 foot mountains. Long day of work today, work all week. Delayed return until Friday night so that I can see the city on Friday. More on it on Wednesday once I have energy!

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